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If you would like a comprehensive web resource for all-things-Kilauea, please go to the 'Resources for 2018 Kīlauea Lower East Rift Zone and Summit Activity' webpage.

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  • AccuWeather: Hawaii becomes 1st state to ban sunscreens. Hawaii just became the first state to ban certain sunscreens as a measure to protect the state's essential coral reefs.
  • Hawaii hotspot - Wikipedia Bathymetry of the Hawaiian – Emperor seamount chain, showing the long volcanic chain generated by the Hawaii hotspot, starting in Hawai ʻ i and ending at the.
  • Lava river: Kilauea volcano fissure is spewing hotter. Lava from Kilauea volcano is now hotter, more fluid. Lava from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has been spewing for over a month, but lava has transformed.
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  • Hawaiians facing lava flows and ash plumes now have. Fast-moving lava crossed a road and isolated about 40 homes in a rural subdivision below Hawaii's Kilauea volcano.
  • Dozens injured in lava explosion that hurled molten rock. The woman was later airlifted to the Queen's Medical Center on Oahu for emergency treatment, family members tell Hawaii News Now. County officials say the.
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